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Nylon Products

At Players Underwear, we know a thing or two about nylon underwear for men. Nylon, first developed as an alternative to silk, is the ultimate fabric for the big and tall man. It’s durable, incredibly lightweight and is resistant to fading, pilling and damage. What’s more, it’s easy to care for, virtually wrinkle-free and has a low moisture absorbency, which means that regardless of whether or not you sweat like a big and tall man, you’ll feel fresh and dry all day.

These are the reasons why our Nylon Tricot range is the cornerstone of our company, and the best selling men's nylon underwear in the country. As the gold standard for men's nylon underwear, our Nylon Tricot range is offered in four styles and 10 uniquely masculine colors. Players’ nylon underwear is the absolute best in its class. What's more, as both the designer and manufacturer, we’re able to offer exceptional garments at more attractive prices than any of our big and tall mens underwear competitors. 

Each pair of our nylon underwear is expertly sewn and inspected for your complete satisfaction. What’s more, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on each and every garment we produce. At Players underwear, we are proud to be the #1 selling brand of men’s nylon underwear in the United States. We attribute a special attention to detail on our nylon underwear for men that time and time again, enables us to exceed our customer’s expectations. All Nylon Tricot big and tall mens underwear ships from our facilities in Miami, FL.

Nylon Tricot Big and Tall Mens Underwear Styles:

  • Nylon Tricot Boxer Short
  • Nylon Tricot Brief
  • Nylon Tricot T-Shirt 
  • Nylon Tricot Athletic Shirt