The Benefits of Nylon Underwear

Today’s clothing market includes a variety of options to meet your underwear needs. People tend to default to 100% cotton or a partial percentage cotton blend when shopping for undershirts, boxers and briefs—it’s what is known. But many people don’t know of the availability and benefits found in nylon underwear. Here’s a few of the benefits we’ve found from trying out nylon.

  • Nylon underwear provides unbelievable comfort. Nylon underwear is a silk-substitute imitating the smooth, light-weight feel of silk. If you have sensitive skin or are just looking for a fun and silky feel in your underwear, nylon is an excellent option. Because it generally maintains its shape and has a frictionless feel, you’ll find nylon underwear does not bunch, fold, or roll up like its cotton cousin. This means the underwear stays where it should and delivers unparalleled comfort.
  • Nylon underwear is fast-drying. Due to its lack of absorbency, nylon underwear does not collect moisture and leave you with that damp feeling cotton underwear sometimes gives. Practically, this means men who like to work up a sweat are not left drenched and sweating after their work shift or workout!
  • Nylon underwear is virtually wrinkle-free and keeps its shape. No ironing or need to remove from the dryer immediately. Nylon underwear retains its shape and does not wrinkle.
  • Nylon underwear does not shrink. Unlike cotton underwear which naturally shrinks 5-8% after washing, nylon underwear does not shrink after washing.
  • Nylon underwear is lightweight. Nylon underwear is extremely light to the point where it is barely noticeable to many who wear it. Apart from the comfort this provides, it also makes traveling with the material much easier.
  • Nylon underwear is affordable. Although giving the touch and partial look of silk, nylon underwear is much more affordable than comparable silk competitors.
  • Nylon underwear can provide several health benefits. Many people struggle with skin sensitivity or circulation issues that are not easily resolved through creams or lotions. Often times, cotton underwear is the culprit because of the friction and moisture it collects. In such cases, nylon underwear has proven to be a great alternative to help address those issues. If you are heavy-set or shop big and tall, nylon underwear may help relieve some of the irritation caused by poor circulation or chafing.

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