Should I Wear Briefs Under My Swimsuit? May 25 2013, 0 Comments

You've probably seen it at the beach. Some guy is wearing a pair of briefs under his board shorts. Chances are, he's doing this for one of two reasons:

1. He thinks it's stylish.

2. It's more comfortable.

Here at Players, we know a few things about style and comfort. Don't make your doubled-up friend's mistake. Underwear and swimwear should not be worn together. The look is not stylish, and if you need to wear something under your swimwear to make it more comfortable, you simply need better swimwear. 

All of that being said, if you still insist on the briefs-below-trunks look, we recommend that you at least wear the best briefs around. Our Nylon Tricot Brief is incredibly comfortable and fast drying. You'll be enjoying the summer sun while your buddy waits for his cotton briefs to dry.