Love the Classics?

 Are you the sort of guy who shuns the whims of culture and ignores the supposed "trends" of the moment? Maybe you prefer the tried and true basics over the flashy items that never seem to last. We hear you. Here at Players, we know guys love to stick with underwear that's familiar. We offer several classic styles that will make you feel right at home. 

Nylon Tricot Crew Neck T-Shirt

It's nylon, but it's the same style you've been wearing all your life. Get it in your favorite color, and never worry about searching for your size again.

Big Man's Cotton Brief

Have you been a briefs man your whole life? There's no need to switch now. We sell our Big Man's Cotton Brief in your size and color preference.

Big Man's Cotton Knit Boxer

Some men are die-hard boxers-lovers. We know you like the comfort and feel of boxers, so we made one that's sure to please. With sizes from 1X to 8X, you won't need to worry about squeezing into a poor-fitting garment.

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