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Best Underwear for Road Trips

boxers comfort cotton fit nylon road trip underwear

With summer soon to be peeking around the corner, many of us will be piling into our cars with our families and taking a road trip. Anyone who's spent more than a couple of hours in a car knows that comfort is key. If you're wearing underwear that doesn't fit or gets sweaty, you're in for lousy time. Here at Players, we make the best big and tall underwear for road trips. Have a look at our top picks below, and find out why you should get a couple pairs for the summer.

Big Man's Broadcloth Boxer

The Big Man's Broadcloth Boxer is perfect for long car rides because it's made of soft, breathable cotton fabric. The fit is loose, but these boxers aren't bulky. You'll be riding around in comfort. 

Nylon Tricot Boxer

These briefs are made from 100% nylon tricot fabric. We never mind long car rides with our nylon briefs on because they're so light and smooth. Plus, our nylon underwear is ideal for vacations because they're practically wrinkle free! Just toss them in you bag, and pull them out when you need them.

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