Why Players Briefs Are So Special

Not every man is a briefs guy. Some of us just prefer to wear roomier, looser boxers. There's nothing wrong with that. Even if you think you're a boxers man, however, we urge you to give our briefs a try. They're different from the standard briefs with which you might be familiar. In fact, we believe that our briefs might just win a few converts. Read our reasons below, and visit our store to see our cotton brief selection

1. Breathability

Our briefs are so comfortable and breathable, you'll forget you're wearing them. Get the support you need without the stuffiness.

2. Soft, Elastic Waistband

Don't you hate how other briefs have tight, irritating waistbands? Players briefs are different. Ours are soft, and you know that we have your size.

3. Non-Constricting Leg Bands

Tightness and discomfort are a thing of the past. Our briefs won't ride up, but they also won't strangle your legs. 

Convinced? See our Big Man's Cotton Brief for example. Even if you never thought you were a briefs man, this underwear is worth a shot.

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