Underwear for Sweaty Men

 Got some serious perspiration going? It happens. Real men sweat, and some real men sweat more than others. That's why Players makes underwear for sweaty men of all shapes and sizes. Have a look at two of our options below, then visit our online store to view all of our affordable offerings. 

Players Nylon Tricot Brief

Our Nylon Tricot Brief is perfect for sweaty men because it is fast drying and breathable. It has low moisture absorbency, so whether you're sweating at the gym or just on a hot day, you'll stay comfortable and dry.

Players Nylon Tricot Boxer

The boxer has the same quick-drying nylon fabric as our brief, but it's roomier - better for men who prefer looser underwear. The smooth, durable fabric will keep you comfortable even while you sweat. 

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