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Underwear for Outdoors

boxers brief briefs high performance nylon outdoors

One of the great qualities of Players nylon underwear is durability. No matter what your plans are this summer, whether you're camping, fishing or climbing, Players underwear will remain comfortable and supportive. See the best underwear for outdoors below, then check out our nylon store for other reliable products. 

Nylon Tricot Boxer

The Nylon Tricot Boxer is perfect for whatever outdoor activities you have planned. Maybe you're barbecuing with your family or maybe you're camping with your friends. Either way this boxer will be your ally. It's lightweight with a relaxed fit, giving you plenty of room. The fabric is breathable and fast drying, so whether you're sweating or set upon by the elements, your comfort will not be compromised. 

Nylon Tricot Brief

Carefully designed for men who want more support, the Nylon Tricot Brief is as strong and resilient as the men who wear it. Because it's wrinkle free and easy to care for, you can stuff it in a bag, toss it in a suitcase and put it on any time. The nylon fabric is extremely soft, so whether you're hunting, fishing or just enjoying your backyard, you'll forget you're wearing any underwear at all.

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