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Who Wears Nylon Shirts?

athletics nylon shirts t-shirt tank top

Here at Players, not only do we offer big and tall cotton undershirts, we are a provider of the Nylon Tricot Crew Neck T-Shirt and the Nylon Tricot Tank Top. These two comfortable, lightweight and durable styles are ideal for men of many different professions and lifestyles. Here are a few examples of guys who benefit from nylon shirts.

The Athlete

Perhaps this is the most obvious example. Athletes love the Players nylon shirts because they are durable, virtually wrinkle free, and lightweight. Players nylon products are easy to care for and come in several colors.

The Traveler 

For business or pleasure, traveling with Players nylon shirts is easy. The fabric is shrink and wrinkle free, so you don't need to worry about stuffing your shirt in a bag.

The Lounger

Even if you prefer to stay in the comfort of your home, you'll find it all the more comfortable while wearing a Players nylon shirt. Silky, cool and relaxed, this is the kind of shirt you'll want to wear all day.

For more information about Players nylon products, visit our web store.

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