March Madness Underwear Colors

With the NCAA Basketball tournament in full swing, most of us will be gathered around our TVs with our brackets in hand. Will Louisville live up to its ranking? Can Duke pull it off? With sports on our minds, we wanted to take a moment to remind you that Players nylon underwear is perfect for athletic teams. No matter what your colors or sport, you can count on Players for durable, high quality undergarments that actually fit. We matched up some of our nylon underwear colors with the top seeds to show you what we're talking about.

Louisville and Indiana

If you've got team colors like Louisville or Indiana, you'll need underwear that matches your uniforms. Luckily, Players has the Nylon Tricot Brief in a flattering red.


The Nylon Tricot Boxer comes in royal blue and navy. Get the shade of underwear you need for your team.


Remember, you can always keep your team's underwear simple and classic. Try the Nylon Tricot Brief in silver, white or tan.

Visit the Players online store to purchase nylon underwear for your team.

Photo Credit: NCAA

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