Underwear for Spring

Yes, it is important to stock up on underwear for the spring. As the weather gets warmer, men will be more likely to sweat. Luckily, Players nylon underwear is breathable and has low moisture absorbency. Whether or not you sweat like a big and tall man, you’ll feel fresh and dry all day. 

Here are some great spring nylon underwear options:

Nylon Tricot Brief

This brief is lightweight and breathable. Because it's from Players, you know it will fit right. The Nylon Tricot Brief is perfect for athletics, work, or enjoying the spring weather outside. Try it in red or one of our four other colors.

Nylon Tricot Boxer

The Nylon Tricot Boxer is great for men who prefer the looser, roomier feel that boxers provide. These boxers are virtually shrink and wrinkle free, which means caring for them won't be a headache. Ideal for spring weather, Players boxers drape comfortably over the wearer instead of clinging.

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