How Often Should I Buy New Underwear?

Men are often tempted to wear the same underwear for years without refreshing their drawers. This is a mistake. If you've been wearing a pair of boxers that you've owned for more than a year, it's likely that you'll instantly notice the difference when you put on a new one. Here are five signs that you need to purchase new underwear:

5. Your whitey tighties are no longer so whitey. 

If you notice that your underwear has gone from a crisp white to a meringue color, it's time to toss that pair out. You wouldn't wear a yellowed button-up shirt, so why would you wear off-white underwear?

4. Your whitey tighties are no longer so tightie.

Over time, elastic waistbands can get stretched out. If you've had a pair of underwear for too long, it won't properly hold onto your body. The fabric will bunch up, and your underwear might just come off with your pants. 

3. You can't remember who was president when you last bought underwear.

Goodness. How long has it been? Time to stock up.

2. You start going commando.

If you find yourself thinking "I'll just go without underwear today," then you probably don't own any good pairs.

1. You start seeing weird stains.

Is that ketchup? When were you drinking wine in your underwear? If your boxers are stained, it's time to buy new ones. 

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