Our Home in Woodbridge

Here at Players, we design, manufacture and inspect each pair of cotton big and tall underwear. Every item ships from our facilities in Woodbridge, Virginia. We're proud of our town, and we wanted to give you a better picture of the city from which your Players underwear comes.

Woodbridge takes its name from the wooden toll bridge built by Thomas Mason across the Occoquan River. Mason's plantation was where the Belmount Bay golf course is today. We like to think of Woodbridge as the quintessential American city. The nearby Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge is a natural habitat for bald eagles.

There are about 55,000 people in Woodbridge. Many of the residents are employed in Washington D.C.. One of the main attractions is the Potomac Mills Mall, one of the largest malls in northern Virginia. The nearby parks on the Potomac River give the kids in Woodbridge a place to swim.

As you might guess, this city is the perfect home for our facilities. When our Players underwear arrives at your door, you know that it was made with care out of the finest materials, and now you know a little more about from where it came. 

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