What is Nylon Tricot?

Here at Players, our nylon tricot underwear is a cornerstone of our company. We offer our nylon underwear in several colors and styles, giving men, teams and organizations an array of options. When shopping for nylon underwear, it is important to understand what "nylon tricot" actually means. Read about nylon tricot below, then see our underwear options at our nylon tricot store.

The word tricot is pronounced "tree-ko." It comes from the French word tricoter, which means "to knit." Nylon tricot is warp-knit with a machine. This process means that the fibers run the length of the fabric in a zig-zag pattern. It give nylon tricot its distintive texture with horizontal grain on one side and vertical grain on the other.

Nylon tricot is soft, flexible and durable. It doesn't snag or run easily. You will find that our garments are easy to care for, comfortable to wear and excellent for sports. Like all of Players Products, our nylon underwear comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

For more information about our Nylon Tricot Program, vist our online store.

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