Boxers or Briefs?

It's the age-old question: boxers or briefs? Everyone has a preference, but which is best? It depends on what kind of guy you are. For some men, the support of briefs is necessary for their job or lifestyle. Other men, who find briefs restricting, will stick to boxers. Which guy are you? Read our underwear profiles below to find out, and be sure to see both our boxers and briefs for big and tall men on our cotton products page.


Men who prefer briefs usually enjoy the support, protection and look of the slightly tighter underwear. Boxers can bunch up under jeans and slacks, riding up the legs and causing discomfort. Briefs don't ride up as easily and fit nicely underneath any pair of pants. They offer support for men who are active or prefer the feel. 

Briefs are perfect for:

Men with active jobs

Men who play sports

Men who travel

Men who prefer extra support


The support of briefs, while comfortable for many men, is restricting for others. Some men prefer the freedom that boxers offer. Boxers are great under shorts, looser pants and for sleeping. 

Boxers are perfect for:

Men who don't want to feel restricted

Men who like to relax

Men who want something to wear around the house

Which style is right for you? Be sure to visit our cotton products page to see both styles.

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