What does Ring-Spun Cotton Mean?

 You probably know that at Players, we use only the highest quality, ring-spun, combed cotton. You might not know why that's better than the cotton in the regular old t-shirt you bought years ago. The difference is noticeable immediately. The other shirts you'll find feel like fuzzy cardboard because other companies use carded, open end cotton. This is a cheaper, faster way of making yarn out of cotton and it results in a lower quality product. 

Ring-spun, combed cotton, on the other hand, feels soft. It's better knit so the fabric is more consistent, giving you a higher quality t-shirt. You don't need to worry about your cotton t-shirt or underwear feeling stiff or uncomfortable because Players always uses this better fabric in all of our cotton products.

Better yet, you can be sure that the size you order will be the size you get. Our underwear and t-shirts are preshrunk so that you can wear them and wash them without losing that perfect fit. 

Try it for yourself. Order some high quality, ring-spun, combed cotton t-shirts in a size that fits you. You have our 100% unconditional guarantee for excellent fit at an exceptional value.

Photo Credit: City-Data

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