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What's the Difference Between Big and Tall?

You know that Players is the best source for men's big and tall shirts, but do you really know the size differences between our big man's products and our tall man's offerings? It can get a little confusing for first-time shoppers. An important number to remember is 2.5. Our Players tall man's shirts are 2.5 inches longer than our Players big man's shirts. There's also a difference in chest measurements for each of the sizes. See our size guide below, and be sure to compare it to the size chart for our big man's shirts. Size       |    Chest Size (inches) Large            42 - 44 X Tall            46 - 48 2X...

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What Size Am I?

Guys don't come in only three sizes. Luckily, Players offers big man's cotton undershirts in seven sizes - up to 10X! Use our handy size guide below to figure out which shirt you should buy. Chest Size |  Shirt Size 50" - 52"        2X 54"- 56"         3X 58" - 60"        4X 62" - 64"        5X 66" - 68"        6X 72" - 74"        7/8X    78" - 80"        9/10X View our big man's cotton shirt offerings in our online store.

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