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Treating Stains on Nylon

 Nylon is great for underwear because it's so low maintenance. It's resistant to dammage, fading and wrinkling. This isn't a fabric you need to dry clean - just toss it in the wash with everything else. Sometimes, however, you might get caught in a sticky situation and have to get rid of a stain. This stain could be anything from food to blood. You never know what might get on your Players underwear. That's why we decided to make a handy guide for treating stains on nylon. Food and drink: Mix laundry detergent (not bleach!) and warm water and apply a small amount to the stain. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Then, use cloth wetted with only warm water to remove the...

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Why Nylon is Perfect for Athletes

For years, athletes have turned to nylon underwear. First produced in 1935, nylon was introduced as an alternative to silk. It grew in popularity during World War II as Japanese silk became scarce. After the war, nylon continued to be used in garments such as underwear. Why is it perfect for athletes?  Here are 8 reasons why professionals turn to nylon underwear: 8. Size Selection Whether you're the biggest guy on your team or the smallest, Players has the size for you. Sizes run from small to 6XL. 7. Low Moisture Absorbency Even if you sweat, your underwear will stay dry.  6. Wrinkle Free Nylon underwear is virtually wrinkle free. It doesn't matter if you stuff it in your locker or...

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