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Best Underwear for Athletes

Here at Players, we regularly provide underwear to athletic teams and individuals. Athletes love the size and color options that we offer. Below are our most popular athletic underwear choices. Try them out, and let us know what you think! Nylon Tricot Boxer This lightweight boxer has a relaxed fit that is perfect for athletes who need a wide range of motion. The nylon fabric is breathable, fast drying and practically wrinkle free. With a boxer this easy to care for, you'll never have to stress about underwear again. Nylon Tricot Brief All of the great features of the Nylon Tricot Boxer are also available in our brief. This is the perfect undergarment for an athlete who likes a little...

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The History of the Jockstrap

For almost 140 years, jockstraps have been used in athletics to give the wearer support without excess fabric.  Now, many men choose to wear jockstraps because they're fashionable. Here at Players, our Men's Athletic Supporter comes in sizes up to 6x, so you know that your jock will actually fit. Whether you're an athlete or you simply prefer the look, the Players jockstrap is an obvious choice for large men.  The jockstrap was invented in 1874 by C. F. Bennett of a Chicago sporting goods company. Jockstraps enjoyed almost 100 years of near ubiquity as they were required for most sporting events. Jock checks were common: coaches and gym teachers would make students show that they were wearing a a jockstrap...

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