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Player's Underwear Blog — athlete

Nylon Underwear for Summer

athlete athletic briefs nylon summer underwear

Summer is fast-approaching, and men with all lifestyles will be needing the best underwear possible for the warmer months. Here at Players, we make our nylon underwear for large, athletic men who refuse to accept lesser garments. We sell them in 10 masculine colors, so you know they'll look as good as they feel. Check out our colors below, then head over to our online store to purchase your favorite. Burgundy   Forest Green Silver Grey

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Best Underwear for Athletes

athlete athletics big and tall big man boxer brief brief jock jockstrap large tricot

Here at Players, we regularly provide underwear to athletic teams and individuals. Athletes love the size and color options that we offer. Below are our most popular athletic underwear choices. Try them out, and let us know what you think! Nylon Tricot Boxer This lightweight boxer has a relaxed fit that is perfect for athletes who need a wide range of motion. The nylon fabric is breathable, fast drying and practically wrinkle free. With a boxer this easy to care for, you'll never have to stress about underwear again. Nylon Tricot Brief All of the great features of the Nylon...

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Underwear for Sweaty Men

athlete athletics boxers brief briefs nylon sweat underwear

 Got some serious perspiration going? It happens. Real men sweat, and some real men sweat more than others. That's why Players makes underwear for sweaty men of all shapes and sizes. Have a look at two of our options below, then visit our online store to view all of our affordable offerings.  Players Nylon Tricot Brief Our Nylon Tricot Brief is perfect for sweaty men because it is fast drying and breathable. It has low moisture absorbency, so whether you're sweating at the gym or just on a hot day, you'll stay comfortable and dry. Players Nylon Tricot Boxer The boxer has the...

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March Madness Underwear Colors

athlete athletics big and tall boxers brief mens underwear nylon tricot

With the NCAA Basketball tournament in full swing, most of us will be gathered around our TVs with our brackets in hand. Will Louisville live up to its ranking? Can Duke pull it off? With sports on our minds, we wanted to take a moment to remind you that Players nylon underwear is perfect for athletic teams. No matter what your colors or sport, you can count on Players for durable, high quality undergarments that actually fit. We matched up some of our nylon underwear colors with the top seeds to show you what we're talking about. Louisville and Indiana...

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Why Nylon is Perfect for Athletes

athlete nylon underwear

For years, athletes have turned to nylon underwear. First produced in 1935, nylon was introduced as an alternative to silk. It grew in popularity during World War II as Japanese silk became scarce. After the war, nylon continued to be used in garments such as underwear. Why is it perfect for athletes?  Here are 8 reasons why professionals turn to nylon underwear: 8. Size Selection Whether you're the biggest guy on your team or the smallest, Players has the size for you. Sizes run from small to 6XL. 7. Low Moisture Absorbency Even if you sweat, your underwear will stay dry. ...

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